Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sins of the Father

The haunted life of Doctor James Parker

ISBN 978-1-905809-77-6

Pneuma Springs Publishing



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RRP - £9.99

About the Book

Harry Riley releases a gripping and suspenseful page-turner

that will defy your efforts to put it down.

Ruthlessly manipulated for most of his adult life by a cunning enemy

posing as his friend, Doctor James Parker slides into a deep pit of

depression. He is past listening to reason and believes he has every

reason to kill his generous benefactor, the man he blames for all his

misfortunes. But the gallows await!

After a cruel start in life, abandoned outside an orphanage as a baby, Billy

Turpin grows up to be a handsome and successful entrepreneur running

several companies. Many are hypnotized by his wealth and charismatic

charm. But one person suspects he is also a psychopathic killer.

Two people whose paths were doomed to cross even before they were

born, with the most tragic consequences imaginable for all concerned.

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This thrilling fictional novel will intrigue and shock you in equal measure.

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